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Cualquier usuario de YouVersion puede unirse a un grupo. Estos son creados por iglesias, grupos de estudio biblicos, y otras organizaciones, y estos le ayudarán a mantenerse al tanto de los eventos en vivo de YouVersion que estos grupos estén organizando. Usted puede pertenecer a varios grupos al mismo tiempo.

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  • Countryside Students
    1 Miembro(s)
    Countryside Students » Church
    Countryside Students
  • Socialite Gospel
    1 Miembro(s)
    Socialite Gospel » Church
    Faça parte de uma galera louca por Jesus, e veja que ser cristão é bem mais do que tu imaginava
  • Grace Baptist Ministries
    1 Miembro(s)
    Grace Baptist Ministries » Church
    Grace Baptist Ministries
  • THRIVE @ Hope Chapel Kapolei
    1 Miembro(s)
    THRIVE @ Hope Chapel Kapolei » Small Group
  • The Resistance
    1 Miembro(s)
    The Resistance » Church
    The Resistance
  • SBC Worship
    1 Miembro(s)
    SBC Worship » Church
    SBC Worship
  • FortCarolineCC
    1 Miembro(s)
    FortCarolineCC » Church
  • Leverage Young Adults
    1 Miembro(s)
    Leverage Young Adults » Church
    Leverage Young Adults
  • The Rest
    1 Miembro(s)
    The Rest » Church
    The Rest
  • Restore Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Restore Church » Church
    Restore Church
  • Lakeside Family Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Lakeside Family Church » Church
    Lakeside Family Church
  • New Life Community Church Monroe Louisiana
    1 Miembro(s)
    New Life Community Church Monroe Louisiana » Church
    New Life Community Church Monroe Louisiana
  • Rochester FCA
    1 Miembro(s)
    Rochester FCA » Church
    Rochester FCA
  • Lifestyle
    1 Miembro(s)
    Lifestyle » Other
    Reach out our family and relative members, friends and community in a discipleship lifestyle. Our part in the discipleship process is to love the individual and help that person understand what the Bible says. Leave the rest to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Our job is not to defend religion or Christianity. We don't have to defend the Bible, the creation story, nor God's existence. Since the primary issue for the non-Christian is the matter of Jesus' identity, this is where we want to focus our attention in our studies. We can summarize the scope of our emphasis in: (a) Who is Jesus? and (b) What does He want of me?
  • CollegeGroup
    1 Miembro(s)
    CollegeGroup » Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    IGREJA DRC » Church
  • RCCG
    1 Miembro(s)
    RCCG » Church
  • Men of God
    1 Miembro(s)
    Men of God » Small Group
    Men of God
  • Mahomet Christian Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Mahomet Christian Church » Church
    Mahomet Christian Church
  • Everyday Life Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Everyday Life Church » Church
    Everyday Life Church
  • LUK
    1 Miembro(s)
    LUK » Church
  • Just Believe 3:16-17
    1 Miembro(s)
    Just Believe 3:16-17 » Small Group
    Just Believe 3:16-17
  • testing
    1 Miembro(s)
    testing » Church
  • G-Force Youth Group Study Aid
    1 Miembro(s)
    G-Force Youth Group Study Aid » Church
    G-Force Youth Group Study Aid: Get Interactive! Get Engaged! Record your notes as they are being taught from P.Jonas. Follow along on the scripture in this live event. Then share with your friends. A new way to enjoy G-Force.
  • The Rock Church - Arrowhead
    1 Miembro(s)
    The Rock Church - Arrowhead » Church
    The Rock Church - Arrowhead