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Cualquier usuario de YouVersion puede unirse a un grupo. Estos son creados por iglesias, grupos de estudio biblicos, y otras organizaciones, y estos le ayudarán a mantenerse al tanto de los eventos en vivo de YouVersion que estos grupos estén organizando. Usted puede pertenecer a varios grupos al mismo tiempo.

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Todos los Grupos

  • Redeemer Spokane Valley
    1 Miembro(s)
    Redeemer Spokane Valley » Church
    Redeemer Spokane Valley
  • Faith Community Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Faith Community Church » Church
    Faith Community Church
  • Harbor Light
    1 Miembro(s)
    Harbor Light » Church
    Harbor Light
  • santa
    1 Miembro(s)
    santa » Church
  • MorrisFBC
    2 Miembro(s)
    MorrisFBC » Church
  • PPCLife
    1 Miembro(s)
    PPCLife » Church
  • Bunker Hill Baptist Youth
    1 Miembro(s)
    Bunker Hill Baptist Youth » Church
    Bunker Hill Baptist Youth
  • theocafe
    1 Miembro(s)
    theocafe » Church
  • New Harvest Interns
    1 Miembro(s)
    New Harvest Interns » Church
    New Harvest Interns
  • 3mal3
    2 Miembro(s)
    3mal3 » Church
  • Estudo Biblico
    1 Miembro(s)
    Estudo Biblico » Church
    Estudo Biblico
  • Estudo Biblico
    1 Miembro(s)
    Estudo Biblico » Church
    Estudo Biblico
  • 提摩太讀經小組
    1 Miembro(s)
    提摩太讀經小組 » Small Group
  • C3 Church Thirroul
    1 Miembro(s)
    C3 Church Thirroul » Church
    Welcome to C3 Church Thirroul. Our purpose is to see God and people brought together. We believe in an uncluttered Christianity that’s presented in a way that means all people can experience the love, acceptance and forgiveness that God has stored up for them in Christ. Our church is a place where everyone can find acceptance and friendship in a community devoted to glorifying God. We believe belonging to a church is a fundamental element of being a Christian and that community with others is vital for the support, encouragement and inspiration that commonality brings.
  • Ampd Student Ministry
    1 Miembro(s)
    Ampd Student Ministry » Church
    Ampd Student Ministry
  • MBC Youth
    1 Miembro(s)
    MBC Youth » Church
    MBC Youth
  • Stone Ridge Church Bible Reading Group
    1 Miembro(s)
    Stone Ridge Church Bible Reading Group » Church
    Stone Ridge Church Bible Reading Group
  • No Regrets
    1 Miembro(s)
    No Regrets » Church
    No Regrets Men's Ministry of Calvary Church in Norman, OK
  • Revolution Community Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Revolution Community Church » Church
    Revolution Community Church
  • Trinity Assembly of God Fairmont
    1 Miembro(s)
    Trinity Assembly of God Fairmont » Church
    Trinity Assembly of God Fairmont
  • Fellowship FWB Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Fellowship FWB Church » Church
    The YouVersion group for members and friends of Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church of Bryan, Texas.
  • SCS
    1 Miembro(s)
    SCS » Church
  • Epikos
    1 Miembro(s)
    Epikos » Church
    Epikos Live
  • Orchard Community Church Ventura
    1 Miembro(s)
    Orchard Community Church Ventura » Church
    Orchard Community Church Ventura
  • 20/20 Movement
    1 Miembro(s)
    20/20 Movement » Parachurch Organization
    20/20 Movement, is a movement of teens activating them to live a life that fully proclaims the love of Jesus. Through 20/20, teens will sign a declaration declaring their lives not only all for Him but also declaring that they are a 'PA system' for the gospel. A declaration that no matter what their friends, family, coworkers, or anyone thinks - they will live their lives as a proclamation to Him and to His fame.