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Cualquier usuario de YouVersion puede unirse a un grupo. Estos son creados por iglesias, grupos de estudio biblicos, y otras organizaciones, y estos le ayudarán a mantenerse al tanto de los eventos en vivo de YouVersion que estos grupos estén organizando. Usted puede pertenecer a varios grupos al mismo tiempo.

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Todos los Grupos

  • The Fellowship Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    The Fellowship Church » Church
    The Fellowship Church
  • Parkside Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Parkside Church » Church
    Parkside Church
  • Greencastle Baptist Church- Youth Bible Study
    1 Miembro(s)
    Greencastle Baptist Church- Youth Bible Study » Church
    Greencastle Baptist Church- Youth Bible Study
  • Christian Life Fellowship
    1 Miembro(s)
    Christian Life Fellowship » Church
    Leading people to live Christ centered lives.
  • RCC
    1 Miembro(s)
    RCC » Church
  • Bethel Community COGIC
    1 Miembro(s)
    Bethel Community COGIC » Church
    Bethel Community COGIC
  • CLF Newberry
    1 Miembro(s)
    CLF Newberry » Church
    CLF Newberry
  • Don's D-12 Group
    1 Miembro(s)
    Don's D-12 Group » Small Group
    Don's D-12 Group
  • St. Tim's Lutheran Church
    2 Miembro(s)
    St. Tim's Lutheran Church » Church
    Here at St. Tim’s, young and old, strong and weak, thriving and struggling come together to encounter God and remember God’s promises for us and for the world. We are here to support one another, ask questions about God and faith, and hear over and over again that we are loved beyond all imagination in Christ. Come and tell your story. Come and ask your questions. Come and walk with us in the grace of God…
  • Victory Tulsa
    1 Miembro(s)
    Victory Tulsa » Church
    Victory Tulsa
  • testgroup
    1 Miembro(s)
    testgroup » Church
  • Breath of Life Worship Center
    1 Miembro(s)
    Breath of Life Worship Center » Church
    Breath of Life Worship Center
  • Chestnut Grove Baptist Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Chestnut Grove Baptist Church » Church
    Chestnut Grove Baptist Church
  • Liberty Street Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Liberty Street Church » Church
    Liberty Street Church
  • Hyde Park Vineyard Youth
    2 Miembro(s)
    Hyde Park Vineyard Youth » Church
    Hyde Park Vineyard Youth
  • CMBC en Español
    2 Miembro(s)
    CMBC en Español » Church
    La Misión de CMBC Gente enviada a este mundo para el beneficio del Reino de Dios para proclamar y vivir las Buenas Noticias de Jesucristo como una comunicad de FE, AMOR, y ESPERANZA empoderados por el Espíritu Santo.
  • UnCommon Purpose Ministry
    2 Miembro(s)
    UnCommon Purpose Ministry » Church
    UnCommon Purpose Ministry
  • Reignstorm Group
    2 Miembro(s)
    Reignstorm Group » Church
    Reignstorm Group
  • Cheras Baptist Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Cheras Baptist Church » Church
    Cheras Baptist Church
  • Walloon Lake Community Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Walloon Lake Community Church » Church
    Walloon Lake Community Church
  • Iglesia Cristiana Emaus Ambato
    1 Miembro(s)
    Iglesia Cristiana Emaus Ambato » Church
    Iglesia Cristiana Emaus Ambato
  • Enjoy Church
    1 Miembro(s)
    Enjoy Church » Church
    Not religion, but authenticity. Applicable Bible teaching... Come for an experience that leads you through the change you're looking for!
  • Wesley Woods
    1 Miembro(s)
    Wesley Woods » Church
    Wesley Woods
  • Faith Christian Center
    2 Miembro(s)
    Faith Christian Center » Church
    Faith Christian Center is a unique inter-denominational blend of people from all walks of life! We are definitely not “church as usual.” We are everyone from business owners to factory workers to homemakers, and most importantly, we are people who just want more of God in our lives. Join our group if you are interested to follow along with weekly sermons.
  • The Blender
    1 Miembro(s)
    The Blender » Church
    The Blender